Is Safe?

Many people believe that using a cloud-based storage platform to make a backup is the perfect solution compared to local storage. The reason is that with a file hosting system, you won’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands. Moreover, you will access all data anytime. is a reputable file storage service that provides reasonably priced solutions and the assurance that your files are completely secure.


Katfile is a file upload platform that facilitates direct and remote URL file transfers. It is ideal as a storage server or backup capacity if you don’t want to carry an external storage device.

Besides its high-security system, it provides a wide array of privileges and affordable benefits on its premium option.

Here we look at subtle security functionalities that protect your files:

Enhanced File Management and Control

KatFile grants you total control over the files you upload. You can easily import a file, arrange it into different file locations, edit, delete, modify, and share it with your intended audience.

Additionally, you can customize your folders, change their names, and arrange them as you see fit. If you wish to retrieve all files you uploaded into the framework, you can do so on your laptop, phone, or other storage systems.

The platform’s straightforward user interface also displays information about each file, such as the file name, upload date, and memory usage, so you don’t lose track of stored data.

Robust Data Privacy

When you store data on the platform, you are sure of data privacy and confidentiality. Katfile has certification from Trusted Data Privacy Assessment Criteria, which implies that all their privacy laws and procedures comply with the laid down governance practices.

TLS Encryption has various malware protection systems and TLS surveillance protocols that ensure all folders are safe at all times. The spyware acts as a barrier, preventing hackers or illegitimate third parties from accessing the network and utilizing any files.

Encryption algorithms also guarantee that no illegal actions occur within the system, which is why it searches all files put online and will not allow storage of unapproved files such as pornographic content, copied, or other infringing files.

Offsite Regular Data Backups 

KatFile provides remote data backups of all directories on their system regularly. Offsite backup involves replicating data to a geographically separate server from the primary data servers. reserves a minimum of three copies of information held in various locations. So, whether there is a computer crash, you still recover your data without hiccups.

You’ll only forfeit these duplicates if they all fade away simultaneously, which is highly unlikely.

Reliable Customer Service

Katfile offers you a dependable support system that comes in handy anytime you experience difficulty or have concerns about using the software.

Customer support is available through the “help” segment via an algorithmic robot that can handle common questions before relaying them to a real agent if you don’t find a solution.

Secure File Sharing

You can relax knowing that the files you upload to are only visible to you.

If you wish to share it with other users, copy the sharable URL links encoded to each file and send it to them. Secure file sharing implies that those who do not have your URL will be unable to access your documents.

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