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For a lot of people, the best way to create backups would be through the use of a cloud storage provider instead of relying to a local storage solution. The reason behind is that, with a file hosting provider, you wouldn’t have to worry about your information getting stolen, and it will be readily available right when you need it. However, finding the best cloud storage tool is not as easy as it may sound, as there’s a plethora of things that you need to consider, aside from the storage space– this includes the cost and other features it has. KatFile is one of the trusted file hosting providers available nowadays. Not only do they offer affordable services, but you also have the guarantee that your files are 100% secured.

What Makes KatFile Safe?


With KatFile, you’ll have the piece of mind that at least three copies of your data are stored in different places. The only time you’ll lose these copies is that, if they end up disappearing all together, all at the same time– but with KatFile, that’s unlikely to happen.


KatFile takes great care of your credentials, and it gives you the assurance that only you will be able to access your files. Basically, your files would be sitting on hard drives on machines, in remote data centers. Then, your connections to access these data are also secured, that it would be impossible for cyber criminals to eavesdrop.

Safe Sharing

In such a case that you need to share your files with other users, this can easily be done. All you have to do is give them the URL link. Likewise, those who don’t have your URL wouldn’t be able to access your files.

What’s the Problem with Local Storage?

The problem with local storage is that it’s vulnerable to getting infected with a virus the moment your computer becomes infected. Thus, there will be the risk of your files getting corrupted and damaged.

Stored in an Encrypted Form

It’s also worth considering that the data stored in KatFile is always in an encrypted form that has to be cracked just so the intruder would be able to get the information uploaded.

Protecting Yourself

If you really want to maximize cloud storage security through KatFile, we highly suggest that you consider getting a katfile premium account. Likewise, before uploading data to the cloud, make sure that you encrypt it first using your encryption software, then upload the file into the cloud. Once you need the file, simply log in to their service, download it, and decrypt. By following these steps, you’re ensuring that you’re 101% secured.

In such a case that you experience any issues while using, then you can simply contact their customer support, and you’ll get the assistance you need right away. Aside from that, they also have a FAQs question where most of the common issues are resolved.

Final Words

Overall, KatFile is ideal for those who are in search of a file hosting provider that offers free account without compromising security. Likewise, if you want to enjoy more features, they also offer a premium account– which means you really have something to look forward to with

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